Thank you for providing me with the documents and for using the Self Check-in service.

First of all, I ask you to pay attention and care in handling the keys and objects that will lead you to get hold of them.

Thank you.

Condominium door opening:

The key to the condominium door will be available once the lock indicated by Claudia has been opened both in the position and in the combination communicated to you via Whatsapp.

Once you have the key and padlock (which you will take with you in the apartament) you can access the condominium and take the elevator to go up to the seventh and last floor:

Once out of the lift, on the left, you will find the entrance to Allegra House and the relative box containing the keys to the apartment which can only be opened with the secret code communicated via Whatsapp.

Once inside the house, I advice you to insert immediately the key of the condominium door in the keychain so as to have the house deck complete and reunited while the padlock, which you will no longer need, can then be left in plain sight so that Claudia can then see / find it for the next self check-in.


Before leaving the apartment, remember to leave on the table the amount of the tourist tax required by the Municipality of Milan and the signed contract relating to your stay (if any).

The receipt of the Tourist Tax will be sent within 24 hours of your stay.

You will be asked to leave the set of keys (complete with the key to the condominium door) or in the letter box located on the ground floor near the elevator or to insert the keys in the Master Lock box (rotating the wheels randomly to hide the combination)